We wanted to create this painterly teaser for Heart Felt, a documentary by Academy Award-winning director Cynthia Wade, to shed light on the problem of high cholesterol. Our team took it back to arts-and-crafts, and tested various paint hues against toothy watercolor paper to create the unique environments behind our cel-animated characters. - See more at: http://www.imaginaryforces.com/work/heart-felt-teaser#sthash.mZ33hCdY.dpuf
Creative Director: Alan Williams
Art Director: Bryce Wymer
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Kacie Barton
Designers: Max Strizich, Bryce Wymer
Additional Design: Sarah Orenstein
Animators: Max Strizich, Blake Patrick, Greg Lytle, Jacques Khouri
Compositor: Cyprian Sadlon
Editor: Zach Kilroy
Coordinator: Tess Sitzmann

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